Peter and Gary can lay your pavers to make your job much easier as it's not as easy as it looks. It's a real art in getting the ground prepared correctly with the correct fall that is required. Then to lay the pavers square with straight lines is harder than it looks. So, after you have accepted Peter's FREE no-obligation quote, he'll then notify you of the starting date. They'll be in and out before you know it. Peter and Gary are both very professional and experienced in the field, and they both have a great personality, so you're sure to have a laugh or two.

  • Paver Selection
    We have a large range of Boral and Adbri pavers, retaining wall blocks and garden edging in a range sizes and colours for you to come in and browse. Sue is only too happy to help give you some different idea’s to make your selection a little easier and to enhance your new home or renovation.
  • Paver Availability
    Your pavers will arrive within 10 to 14 working days. This depends on the size and colour and availability of order. We have available only a small selection of pavers on hand as we sell to order.
  • Sealing of your Pavers
    We offer you a service to seal your pavers. This prolongs wear and tear for 3 t0 5 years depending on the surface traffic. It gives your pavers a slight shine and dries clear.